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We've engineered a shoe with your whole body in mind.  It's all in the design:



Be Grounded   


With only the support you need and no more, Lissom Flyte® helps you find a better connection with the ground. Welcoming that connection, and improving the communication between your feet and your core, provides you with greater stability and balance, supporting your whole body.


Be Free


Wiggle your toes. Flex. Feel open. Lissom Flyte® has been designed to be super light and super flexible. This unstructured design enables you to move more freely and wholly in line with the natural move­ment of your feet. As you free up your feet, you tap into a wellspring of poten­tial energy.


Let Go


A foot that grips in its shoe is a foot that is desperately seeking stability. Lissom Flyte® has been consciously designed to hug your feet whichever way you move, so your feet can relax and let go of all the micro stresses you've been holding on to. Try it! We bet you'll have greater control of movement.


Win A Pair of LISSOM Flytes

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